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30 Before 30

So, in just over 4 months I’m turning 30! I know it sounds weird but I’m excited to turn 30. In preparation for my milestone birthday I have been putting together a bucket list of 30 things I want to do or start before I turn 30. Well, I haven’t decided 30 things yet so it’s a work in progress. Please feel free to submit any ideas you have for me and check back regularly for updates.

30 Before 30

1. Lose 30 pounds
2. Complete a 5k – running the entire time
3. Complete and improve my tri-athlon time
4. Have a functioning craft room
5. Ride my bike to another city
6. Start a blog and contribute to it regularly (Yay I started now to contribute regularly)
7. Compile a recipe book of all my favorite recipes
8. Have one wild night (I’m leaving that one open for whatever comes up…)
9. Enjoy a romantic date night away with Mike
10. Go camping
11. Design a signature drink
12. Clean out all my email boxes
13. Own an expensive camera (DSLR) and know how to use it (well, I’m asking for the camera as a birthday gift so I don’t know how well I will be able to use it but, it’s a goal nonetheless).
14. Get a message and allow myself to totally relax and enjoy every minute of it
15. Start writing a novel
16. Go tubing
17. Get a tattoo or piercing
18. Design a signature dish and serve it at least twice
19. Decorate a fancy cake
20. Drink Whiskey
21. Eat a fruit or vegetable everyday (not counting corn or potatoes)
22. Throw a large party at our house with friends and family (planning a huge birthday bash!)
23. Have a home organization binder system in place
24. Wear matching pj’s (not sweats and t-shirt)
25. Take my love (Mike) to NYC
26. Clean up my vocabulary (Wesley is starting to repeat too many words – oops!)

I’m still looking for 4 more things to add to my list (or maybe I will just tell everyone I’m turning 26 – haha!).


*Thanks to ESPN for having a wonderfully named segment so I was able to get this image.

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What is this all about?

I know the name for my blog seems unconventional but that's just how I do things. There are many reasons why this name is perfect for my blog. In two short words the name summarizes my whole life - change - and the excitement and experiences along the way! It seems fitting for almost every pivitol moment in my life. Change is the only constant in my life. We joke as a family about how our lives couldn't be made into a movie because there's just too much plus no one would ever believe it. From the moment I lost my title as baby of the family at the age of 10 and gained an even better one - big sister - to signing the papers for our first home Friday evening and then finding out we were expecting our first child the following Monday (my birthday), it never fails, something major is bound to happen/change. An even more important moment of change was when Mike, my husband, got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. Just before doing so he looked deep into my eyes with his cheesy grin and said, "You ready?" At that time I had no clue what I was committing to but I was excited to find out. Almost 7 years later I am still excited and to this day we continue to ask each other..."You ready?"


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